It allows you to run a successful test and make software applications bug-free. There are similar terms that often create confusion among the new testers and developers. You are sometimes unable to understand the need for the test case, test script, and test scenario. As always, ensure you have some user requirements otherwise testing your pen will be difficult and based on lots of assumptions.

How to Write Test cases for Pencil

The question is meant to probe the testing skills, abilities, ideas, thought processes, etc., and not merely to get an answer. Much like my integration tests cutting across features, the question cuts across a wide gamut of test qualities I consider necessary in a software tester. In a nutshell, when writing test cases for random objects try to relate each scenario to a test concept.

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Software developers and testers write unit testing cases to check individual units like procedures and functions. Another key element of testing case management is reporting. The test case report reflects actionable insights on the proceeding of testing, its coverage, and the need for improvement. Thus, you should choose your test management according to your requirements. However, you should note that testing case efficiency is not the only measure to check testing quality. Other parameters like test coverage, test time, and others are also important.

A well-written test case should enable any tester to comprehend the tests and run them with ease, saving a lot of time in the long run. For example, take the pencil into a cold storage with cold temperature and verify the pencil functionality. Expose the pencil to hot summer temperatures and check if the lead melts, able to write, etc. The main use case of the pencil is the ability to write on white paper for Student. Similarly, the main use case for the Carpenter is  the ability to mark readings on wooden piece. Since the focus here is to cover the different features to be tested instead of the creation of formal test cases, so basically we will be presenting test scenarios here.

Validating the User Interface (UI) for a Pen

This necessitates consistency in the naming convention and related details. I can really appreciate how these products are tested as I didn’t even think about half of these scenarios until I actually put some thought into it. In fact, next time someone asks me to explain software testing in a REALLY easy way, I’ll use the example of Testing a Pen. If it works as expected then then the end user can sign off the acceptance tests and the product is potentially ready for the real world. Once the product has been integrated tested for functionality, the next stage is to pass it to the end user.

How to Write Test cases for Pencil

However, low testing case efficiency shows that testing cases are less effective in detecting bugs. To avoid such situations, testing cases are created in advance. It covers all the positive and negative test scenarios to test a software application.

These questions will help the interviewer to evaluate the candidate’s thought process. Deliver unparalleled digital experience with our Next-Gen, AI-powered testing cloud platform. Ensure exceptional user experience across all devices and browsers. It is always preferred to follow best practices in writing test cases to avoid challenges or limitations in the test process. Thankfully being a parent of primary and secondary school kids, I have a stock of pens hidden away for when they’re required.

The system shall write on white paper with the specified level of darkness. He is a certified Software Test Engineer by profession and a blogger & a YouTuber by a choice. He has extensive experience in the field of Software Testing. Furthermore, he loves to be with his how to test a pencil wife and a cute little kid ‘Freedom’. The hardness of the pencil ranges from 1 to 4, where 1 is the softest and 4 is the hardest. If you do use this example then you may want to consider a positive and negative test scenario where the eraser works and doesn’t work.

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  • Ensure clarity, completeness, and accuracy to effectively validate software functionality.
  • One suggestion, Before starting, explain or write test scenarios for Pencil Test Case, make sure you have got all of the requirements.
  • The positioning of the lid against the pen should be exactly the same position for all pens.
  • This pencil would never need to write anything, on anything.